Saturday, 18 April 2009

WIP- War of the Ring: Army of Gondor.

Been hunting high and low on eBay for bargains in order to put together a force for the new War of the Ring rule set from Games Workshop.

Managed to pick up all sorts of cheap plastic miniatures for it, and now have a vast amount of troops to slog through. Here's hoping I don't get bored.

Anyway here's the first company of Warriors of Minas Tirith. Speed painted, took about 2-3 hours to completely finish, which for me is some sort of landspeed painting record.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

American Battlegroup 1944.

Its done.

6 weeks worth of work (I am not the fastest painter around and contrary to popular view about wargamers I do have some semblance of a life) and I have finally finished my US battlegroup.

Its about 3000 pts or so for Blitzkrieg Commander, and I have tried to keep things fairly historically accurate when it comes to the OOB. I say fairly, as I am sure there are lots of discrepancies, and I tried to balance historical accuracy with the points and restrictions of the BKC army list.

Armored Infantry Battalion

Anti-Tank Company

Armored battalion with AA support.

Battlegroup CO stand

Infantry HQ stands

Air Observer in gunless Sherman and Artillery Observer in Jeep

Hope you have enjoyed looking at them half as much as I have enjoyed painting them. Now I have got to get round to playing with them!

German Battlegroup is go.

I've got a few days off work and am putting them to good use (although I am not sure my wife would agree) by having finished my American battlegroup (lots of pics to come later tonight) and making a start on my new German battlegroup I picked up from Pendraken at Salute last weekend. Lovely models, although I can attest to the fact they don't take kindly to being dropped from 5ft up onto concrete. Scratch 1 Tiger. Oh well it was a good excuse to order some more bits from Pendraken for completeness sake.

Here's my first attempt, 3 Panthers and a Tiger. Fairly pleased with the attempt at camo schemes - they do look better in real life than in the pics, which make the camo look a little less subtle than I think it does in real life. They are also yet to be weathered ( Iknow how some of the guys on the BKC forum love their muddy tracks!) as I have left my tub of Basetex at my mates house after spending therday there painting and gaming yesterday. :(

Decals are a mix of Dom's Decals and some I got from an eBay shop called 1/144 Direct.