Monday, 30 March 2009

Salute Pics

Some quick and dirty pics from Salute taken with my phone cam, hence the terrible quality. Next year I think I will spend the morning shopping and the afternoon taking pics with my proper camera and flash unit.

  1. Assault on Innesmouth- a Cthullu based skirmish game which looked amazing, the pics don't do it justice, the houses all had their own lighting, and there was street lights and smoke. Not sure what the gist of the game was- loads of monsters and nasties seemed to be running about the streets chasing villagers, and of course Cthullu himself was standing off the seashore

2. Through the Mud and Blood- the new WW1 ruleset from the TwoFatLardies. Very much in the vein of Sharp Practice, I watched this game being played for a good 20minutes and it seemed excellent fun. Looking forward to giving the rules a whirl in our gaming group at some point in the future, especially now we have the 1938 British Civil War source book for it too.

3. John with a radio controlled 1/16th scale Tiger tank. I have used John for scale as he is roughly 1.5 times the width of a normal man.

4. This table looked great, some of the best snow and ice effects I have seen. The chap running it spent hours trying to explain the authenticity of the scenery (he had loads of photos from WW2 of the exact area and maps) but John and I were too excited by the lovely models to take any of what he was telling us in. The game he was running seemed to be a skirmish game where each player had 1 Russian partisan and they had to escape off the board from hordes of German patrols who were run by the GM. Looked very clever.

5. John again standing next to a life size Hello Kitty model.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A new project- German battlegroup

Just got back from Salute, had a great time, but didn't spend as much money as I thought I would. Probably because Forgeworld didn't bring any Epic stuff with them to the show which put paid to my idea of buying a Epic Tau army (for the moment).

What I did come away with is 1.35kg (yes I weighed it when I got home!) of Pendraken loveliness. The start of my new German battlegroup for Blitzkrieg Commander- about 3500 pts worth.

For anyone who pays attention you will notice that I haven't posted a blog entry declaring my US battlegroup finished.

Well that's coz its not! Have 3 infantry stands and 6 halftracks to paint, then its over and I will post a photo extravaganza for anyone who actually cares!

Monday, 9 March 2009

The end is in sight!

Haven't updated in a while, and was thinking of holding off till the last few bits arrived from Pendraken, but I couldn't resist playing with my new studio again, and wanted to show off what I have done since last time.
Basically the army is finished- as it stands its at around 2500 points or so for Blitzkrieg Commander. I have a few bits awaiting delivery, so that I can field another 3 stands of infantry to make a full battalion, and a few additional M3 halftracks to provide transport for them all. Ive also got a couple of AA vehicles to come and some additional Dodge radio trucks to add to my HQ bases (which have still yet to be done, hence no pics!). Can't wait for them to arrive as I am getting 10mm withdrawal. Then I can move on to the Germans! Salute could be expensive this year!

Anyway enough blathering, here's the pics.

L to R- Armoured battalion HQ, Forward Air Controller in gunless Sherman M4, Command Stand, Forward Artillery Observer.

Armoured battalion- 3 companies each of 2 Sherman 75s and 1 Sherman 76 platoons, 1 company of M5 Stuart light tanks, 1 platoon of Sherman 105s and 1 company of M10 tank destroyers. I guess technically the M10s are part of an anti tank battalion, but I couldn't be arsed to photograph them separately!

This is my Armoured Infantry battalions 37mm anti tank gun support. I like these Pendraken M3s with the canvas tilts on as they are a nice way to make the M3s used for towing look different from the infantry's transport.