Sunday, 18 October 2009

The End, Old Chap.

My Napoleonics project is done.

Well actually not quite, as I'm still awaiting a unit of light infantry for the French, but seeing as the Brits were done and I had the camera gear out I couldn't resist taking shots of both armies.

So here they are.

Ive really enjoyed painting them and researching uniforms and orders of battle. I wont pretend they are 100% historically accurate, or even close, but its near enough for me! Thanks to all the guys at Angel Barracks
forums for their support and motivation.


  1. Nah my friend has Austrians already.

    Spanish or Portuguese maybe!

  2. Time to sell them off and start a new project... :)

  3. You got good mass happening there. Well done. When can we see them in action?

  4. They look excellent! I'm very tempted by some 6mm Horse and Musket myself and can really relate to your whole 'Unfinished Armies' thing!

    Look forward to seeing more - when you get the time! ;)


  5. Strewth ! Now that's what I call an army, or rather two armies.

    it must have taken it out of you because you've become very quiet since !

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