Saturday, 10 October 2009

Showing off some of Firezone Studios work (and mine!)

Life Guards

Scots Greys

Here's the commission I sent out to Phil at Firezone Studios.

I had some spare slush funds in my Paypal account and at the time I was feeling snowed under with my Napoleonics project and had just painted my first batch of French cavalry and decided that I hated painting them. So I sent out all my British cavalry to Firezone, as I knew Phil from a couple of forums I hang out on and he seems a decent sort who paints in a style similar to mine.

So was it worth it? In a word yes.

Ironically after I sent them out I discovered that I did actually enjoy painting cavalry after all, but I just paint them a lot slower than my infantry, so having someone else do them for me at a very reasonable rate was worth it. Hes done a good, neat, basic job on them. Cant find any real criticism of them. One thing I may go back and do is add a highlight or two to them if I find the time, as hes pretty much base coloured them, and I like a nifty highlight or two on my 6mm, but its not a problem, I can definitely live with them as they are.

Phil's communication was excellent, lots of emails and works in progress shots sent to me. His price was pretty good too at 35p a cavalry figure, so all in all I am very pleased. He also got them all done and back to me within 2 weeks if I recall. I based them myself, but Phil will do that for you at a price.

Last of all, some of my own work. These are the 95th Rifles. and sorry Dave, if you are reading, I couldnt find one that looked just like Sean Bean!

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